Sun is essential

It gives us light, warmth, food, health and happiness. We need the light of the sun whether we are outside or inside. As we increase number of windows in the buildings, we also increase heat load and glare, which negatively impact energy efficiency and comfort. Tintuitive™ Self-Tinting film uses sunlight to automatically adjust its tint level providing  perfect amount of light in, while keeping heat out and minimizing glare. Improve visual and thermal comfort to create healthier, high performance well being .

From 20% Dark in Daytime to 75% Light at Night

How does Self-tinting film Work

Tintuitive™ Self-Tinting  Smart Film responds to changes in light level and provides perfect solution to achieving an optimal internal temperature.
Tintuitive™ window film contains carbon-based molecules that change their molecular structure when UV light strikes them (and thus they absorb more light) and become dark. Similarly, in the absence of UV light, the molecules reverse to their original shape, making the glass clear once again.

Tintuitive™ Self-Tinting film adapts to the sun’s intensity providing tinted windows only when needed.

Daytime transparency
Night Time Transparency
Infrared Rejection
Total Energy Rejection
Total Energy Reflected
Total Energy Transmitted
Total Energy Absorbed
Visible Light Reflected Interior
Visible Light Reflected Exterior
Visible Light Glare Deduction

Natural Daylighting

Tuntuitive™ Self-tinting Film adjusts its tinting level imperceptibly throughout the day in response to changing outside conditions.

Block UV Radiation

Tintuitive™ Self-Tinting Film prevents harmful UV light from entering a building creating superior protection.

Reduce Heat

Tintuitive™ Self-Tinting Film responds to outside conditions and decreases the heat load, keeping building occupants comfortable.

Fully Passive

Tintuitive ™ Film automatically adapts the tint level in response to direct sunlight


Tintuitive™ Self-Tinting Film provides an extra level of safety, protecting from vandalism or extreme weather.

No Glare

Tintuitive™ Self-Tinting Film's sun-responsive technology creates reduction in glare offering visual comfort for occupants, while still allowing enough daylight to avoid overuse of artificial lighting.