Smart Glass Applications

Explore the versatile applications of the Switchable Smart Glass in a wide range of markets and business sectors.

Public & Government Buildings

Smart Glass contributes to an overall relaxed and healthier work atmosphere for front desk employees working in various crowded public and Government departments, airports, embassies.

Corporates & workspaces

Promotes Biophilic design within the modern built environment and reduces uncomfortable “Glass Bowl” feeling in high-density office complexes perfect for offices & meeting rooms. Whether you have a boardroom meeting, a private interview or want time to yourself, Smart Glass puts you in control.

Healthcare Sector

The anti-microbial properties of the ultra-hygienic and easy-to-clean Smart Glass add a hygienic & cost-effective alternative to hospitals‘ traditional and cubical disposable curtains and reduces the transmission of MRSA and VRE pathogens without compromising patients’ & workers’ privacy in the wards, operating rooms, labs, dental clinics, Lobbies, reception area, doctors’ offices and wherever else privacy is required.

Educational Sector

Smart Glass promotes a relaxed and ideal study atmosphere, it provides the needed privacy for the students and increases focus within classrooms. It is the perfect solution for all types of educational facilities, schools universities, training centers and libraries.

Hospitality Sector

Deliberate modern interior designs Suitable for various luxury hotels with aesthetics in mind to enhance hotel rooms décor, bathrooms, spas, partitions, lobbies and more.

Banking Sector

The privacy and protection of confidential data for clients is extremely important in the banking sector. Whether it be a customer meeting at the counter, withdrawing money from the ATM or any place where the privacy is required.
Smart Glass Offers excellent flexibility and privacy on demand for clients, tellers and creates the
the basis for trusted customer service by shielding sensitive areas from strangers at a flick of a switch.

Trade shows

Smart Glass is extremely interesting for trade show setups, it provides the perfect solution to unveiling
displays with the element of surprise in the launch of a new product with the use of rear projection the countdown, will add to the consumer intrigue and anticipation.

Commercial Sector

Great for commercial projects with a strong focus on energy savings and sustainability. Smart Glass offers security, privacy & Ideal for storefront advertising with innovative projection capabilities suitable for facades of malls, shopping centers and all types of Store-Based Retailers such as jewelry stores, pharmacies, restaurants & coffee shops and many more.

Residential Sector

Protects occupant’s skins and eyes from UV lights, Saves on energy consumption, decreases fading of carpets, furniture and protects valuable artwork due to UV radiation, heat and glare and still receives enough natural sunlight in houses, apartments and condominium buildings.

Transit Sector

Smart Glass gives passengers more comfort and allows a window shading in a smart way in buses, aircraft, cars, Yachts, trains & stop stations.



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