PriWatt™ Film is the future of residential window treatments and on-demand privacy control.
Incorporate smart film panels in a variety of ways:

Windows & Doors

Shower cabins

Sliding Doors

Folding Doors


Privacy control

PriWatt™ Film allows you to make your glass transparent or opaque with the flick of a switch

Solar control

PriWatt™ shields from harmful UV rays, reduces heat build-up, and minimizes the likelihood of glass shatter


PriWatt™ adds a layer of security to your glass. Only 0.4mm with bonding strength 50g/mm

PriWatt™ Film can be controlled with a variety of devices and can be easily configured to work with your smart home through the z-wave technology.

simple Switch



smart device



If you are looking to save on energy consumption, decrease interior damage due to sun exposure, improved security, and a modern, low maintenance window privacy solution, look no further.


Smart Glass incorporates natural light, space and place conditions into building the environment, which contributes to an overall healthier human experience for increased productivity and less absenteeism.


PriWatt™ Glass is proven to minimize the effects of high/low external temperatures from affecting your interior temperature, essentially saving you on energy costs. Operating at 48V AC, Smart Glass consumes less than 5 Watts per square meter when on (transparent) and 0 Watts when off (opaque).


PriWatt™ Film adds a layer of security, decreasing the chances of intruders breaking in. Adding 0.4mm of very durable PDLC film, in effect strengthening the glass, without ever compromising your view.


The flat and non-porous surface of the PriWatt™ Film helps to convert it to an ultra-hygienic & cost-effective alternative instead of traditional and disposable curtains.

Our Certified Distributors and Partners provide high quality installation service with top notch customer support worldwide.