ACTIVE Privacy

Create private working and meeting spaces in an instant

Increase Productivity

Conduct important business meetings and presentations, without any distractions

Optimize space

Replace curtains, blinds or solid walls that create dust and block views

Privacy control

PriWatt™ Film allows you to make your glass transparent or opaque with the flick of a switch


Direct exposure to UV and Infrared radiation is not only bad for your floors and furniture but also to your health. Smart Glass blocks 98% of harmful UV rays and 95% infrared radiation. Protecting you and your patients.


The flat and non-porous surface of the Smart Glass helps to convert it to an ultra-hygienic & cost-effective alternative instead of traditional and disposable curtains.


Smart Glass is ultra-hygienic and easy-to-clean. No more blinds and curtains, which were poorly rated in spreading of bacteria within healthcare & office facilities.


PriWatt™ Film adds a layer of security, decreasing the chances of intruders breaking in. The smart glass adds 0.4mm of very durable PDLC film, in effect strengthening the glass, without ever compromising your view.


PriWatt™ Film is proven to minimize the effects of high/low external temperatures from affecting your interior temperature, essentially saving you on energy costs. Operating at 48V AC, Smart Glass consumes less than 5 Watts per square meter when on (transparent) and 0 Watts when off (opaque).


Smart Glass contributes to preserving the environment & reducing pollution—the LC molecules classified as non-toxic metalions, free from ozone-depleting chemicals and toxic compounds.


The HD display capabilities make it ideal for rear projection purposes.


Smart Glass incorporates natural light, space and place conditions into building the environment, which contributes to an overall healthier human experience for increased productivity and less absenteeism.

How it works?

Stimulated with electrical current, liquid crystal molecules line up and incidental light passes through, creating highly transparent PriWatt™ Film. When power is switched off, liquid crystals reorient themselves randomly, scattering light and the PriWatt™ Film becomes opaque.

Privacy Film Layers
Protective Film Adhesive Layer ITO Film LC + Polymer ITO Film Protective Film

PriWatt™ has six layers including protective layers on each side

  1. Protective Film
  2. Adhesive Layer
  3. ITO (Indium Tim Oxides) Film
  4. LC (Liquid Crystal) & Polymer
  5. ITO Film
  6. Protective Film

PriWatt™ Film Performance

Light Transmission

  • View angle (ON) >175°

Electrical Parameters

  • Working Voltage (ON) 48 VAC
  • Saturated Voltage (ON) <25V
  • Responding Time (OFF-ON) <200ms
  • Responding Time (ON-OFF) <10ms
  • Power Consumption (ON) <5W/M²
Visible Light (ON)
Visible Light (OFF)
Parallel Light (ON)
Parallel Light (OFF)
Haze (ON)
Haze (OFF)

Physical Parameters

  • Thickness 0.4mm
  • Weight ~900g/m2
  • Adhesive Bonding Strength 50g/mm

Enviromental Parameters

  • Working Temperature -20°C - 75°C
  • Storage Temperature -20°C - 80°C
  • Lifespan (ON) >10 Years

PriWatt™ Film Structure



Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) belongs to a class of electrically, photonically and thermally activated technologies referred to as ‘Smart Glass’. In the past three decades, PDLC technology has been industrially developed in the worldwide scale and provided commercialized products mainly as electrically switchable ‘Smart Glass’ in the commercial and residential markets for privacy and security applications. 

Unprecedented Performance

  • PriWatt™ Film light transmittance is 88 % (Transparency) 
  • PriWatt™ Film haze lever only 2.8% 
  • Fast switching time (100 milliseconds from frosted to clear and 400 milliseconds from clear to opaque )
  • Cuts UV rays by 99%
  • Cuts IR rays by 95%
  • Consumes 0.5 watts per 1 Sq Ft  ( LESS than most alarm clock displays)
  • 10+ years run-life
  • Consumes 0 watts when in opaque mode
  • Our liquid crystals are perfect for HD rear video projection

Control Options

PriWatt™ Film can be controlled with a variety of devices and can be easily configured to work with your smart home through the z-wave technology.

simple Switch



smart device



PriWatt™ Power Transformer

  • PRI: 110V / 50-60Hz
  • SEC: 48V / 2.08 A
  • Power 100W / 300W
  • Covers 100/300 SqFt
  • IP56
  • EN 61558-2-4
  • UL E125651
  • Size 4.7'' x 3'' x 3''
  • Closed resin box
  • 2 x 0.75mm / 1 ft wire
  • Temp. Fuse / 110°C
  • Screw connectors