Smart Glass Group, the fastest-growing manufacturer of switchable Smart Film and Smart Glass in the North American market.

We are dedicated to providing customers with reliable smart glass technologies that increase building efficiency and optimize comfort.


  • UL recognized
  • Intertek tested
  • Made in Canada
  • Made in Germany UL recognized power supply
  • High quality PDLC cutters
  • Customized PDLC lamination machinery
  • Patented “busbar” modification to provide most reliable electrode connection
  • Superior bonding strength 

Unprecedented Performance

  • iSwitch Film light transmittance is 87% (Transparency) 
  • iSwitch haze lever only 2.6% (Hazenest) 
  • Fast switching time (100 milliseconds from frosted to clear and 400 milliseconds from clear to opaque )
  • Cuts UV rays by 99%
  • Cuts IR rays by 95%
  • Consumes 0.5 watts per 1 Sq Ft  ( LESS than most alarm clock displays)
  • 10+ years run-life
  • Consumes 0 watts when in opaque mode
  • Our liquid crystals are perfect for HD rear video projection

Smart Glass Tech Network

Smart Glass Technologies is the first company in the industry to have the distinction of providing Smart Film-certified installers in major US and Canadian cities. In-house certified glaziers, electricians and automation specialists will provide the best integration service.

Ready to start your project?

Smart Glass Group's Certified & Trained Partners provide high quality installation service with top notch customer support worldwide.