Smart Glass Group has been recognized as the top performing company in the electric liquid crystal (PDLC) switchable and photochromic film industry with distinction of providing certified installers worldwide ready to take care of your projects.

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Applicable On All Types Of Glass!

Residential, Commercial and Industrial glass applications. PriWatt™ offers a new, affordable and innovative alternative to conventional glass treatments, while providing unprecedented privacy and solar control.

  • Expert installation by certified installers.
  • Unprecedented UV Protection of - 98% +/-.
  • Save on heating & cooling costs through Solar reduction.
  • When turned on PriWatt™ has the highest clarity in the industry

PriWatt™ Benefits

Privacy Control

PriWatt™ allows you to make your glass transparent or opaque (private) with the flick of a switch

Solar Control

PriWatt™ is specially developed to shield you from harmful UV rays, reduce heat build-up, and minimize the likelihood of glass shatter

Light Control

PriWatt™ products provide perfect solution to achieving an optimal internal temperature.

Germ Control

PriWatt™ offers privacy to patients while offering monitoring without risk of contamination

Glare Control

PriWatt™ PDLC Technology creates reduction in glare offering visual comfort for occupants

Interactive Control

Our next generation switchable smart technology is the ultimate solution for visual display

Industries We Serve


Control glass privacy levels in conference rooms and offices at the flick of a switch.


If you are looking to save on energy consumption, decrease interior damage due to sun exposure, improved security, and a modern, low maintenance window privacy solution, look no further.


Smart Glass Group offers privacy to patients, while offering monitoring without risk of contamination


Smart Glass Group products welcome natural light into every hotel bathroom without compromising privacy


Switchable, dimmable or projectable our PDLC products are ideal for creative TV shows


Our products provide perfect solution to achieving an optimal internal temperature, privacy and more

Myriad of Control Options

Our PDLC products can be controlled with a variety of devices and can be easily configured to work with your smart home through the z-wave technology.

simple Switch



smart device



PriWatt™ Strengths at a Glance

Our Strong Points

Smart Glass Group offers a new switchable and dynamic glass technologies that increase building efficiency and optimize comfort. 

Our superior product performance creates unprecedented privacy and solar control.

Haze Level
UV Block
IR Block

PriWatt™ Film Structure

Privacy Film Layers
Protective Film Adhesive Layer ITO Film LC + Polymer ITO Film Protective Film

PriWatt™ has six layers including protective layers on each side

  1. Protective Film
  2. Adhesive Layer
  3. ITO (Indium Tim Oxides) Film
  4. LC (Liquid Crystal) & Polymer
  5. ITO Film
  6. Protective Film

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Smart Glass Group’s Certified & Trained Partners provide high quality installation service with top notch customer support worldwide.

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Empowered by Innovation

World's Leading Brands using our PriWatt™ Smart Glass Technologies

Next Level Privacy & Solar Control